Chiclayo – Trujillo (3 days – 2 Nights)

Explore diverse cultures and incredible archaeological sites on the north coast of Peru. With one night in Chiclayo and one in Trujillo, this itinerary includes a visit to Túcume, the archaeological site of the famous Señor de Sipán, and the Museum of the Royal Tombs. Near Trujillo we will visit Chan Chan, the huge 500 acre complex and adobe palaces built by the pre-Inca Chimú culture, as well as the majestic Moche Temples of the Sun and the Moon.




You fly early in the morning from Lima to the northern city of Chiclayo, after a brief rest you continue your trip to see the adobe pyramid, which was world news in 1987 as one of the most sensational finds of recent archeology; This pyramid is better known as La Huaca Rajada, due to the deep cracks in the sides, the erosion of the platform caused the base to yield a great ancient treasure, consisting of several tombs buried at great depth, belonging to the culture pre-Inca Moche, who lived in the valleys of the northern coast of Peru 1,500 years ago. To get there we went to the east, until we reach the modern town of Sipán, here you can see the reconstruction of the tombs of the burials of priests and caciques, along with their guards and slaughtered companions. The site museum tells the story of this extraordinary civilization, who made the finest works of finishes in ceramics and jewelry in the Americas, but also shows evidence of macabre ritual customs of wars, sacrifices and atonement. Continue to Lambayeque, where we will visit the Royal Tombs Museum of Sipán, here is represented the Moche pyramid and an incredible variety of symbols, stones and necklaces of shells, earmuffs and head ornaments, which were used in the Moche ceremonies, you learn the meaning of these. Then we go to Túcume, here you can see the chronological sequence that followed the fall of the Moche, in a place where their descendants, the Sicán culture, continued to accumulate millions of adobe bricks for the construction of imposing pyramids – including the most big of its kind in the world, with more than 700m / 2300 feet. The history of this site – extensively researched by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl – takes us to the path of the Incas, who conquered the region not long before in turn being conquered by the Spanish. You can climb to a viewpoint with magnificent views of the surrounding pyramids and the dry forest habitat of the Valley of Leche. We also visit the small museum site. We return to Chiclayo to spend the night.


In the morning, you travel by private transport or by bus to Trujillo, accompanied by the guide. This half-day trip to the south along the Pan-American Highway offers a varied view of the coast of Peru; stop at the Paiján farm to enjoy a delicious lunch, along with a colorful spectacle of the demonstration of Peruvian step horses and their riders, who combine their art with the dance and music of the northern sailor. This is an optional activity (cost not included), which is highly recommended.

Optional visit the archaeological site of El Brujo: This site appears in the National Geographic magazine after the sensational discovery of the tattooed priestess mummy, buried with a variety of ceremonial and military accoutrements.


Trujillo is reached early in the afternoon, then visit the Huaca de la Luna and the Huaca del Sol, two huge flat-top pyramids built by the Moche culture between 0 and 600A.D. The Huaca de la Luna is an extraordinary demonstration of archeology, this pyramid was frequently sacked for centuries. The excavations revealed several layers of ancient construction, the discovery of the wall shows colorful friezes that were deliberately buried by the Moche, these show deities, bloodthirsty fangs, exotic gods in the form of spiders, snakes, felines, octopi, marine creatures, warriors and naked prisoners in ritual combat scenes. Return to the city of Trujillo to spend the night.


In the morning you will visit the historical center of Trujillo: visiting the immense main square and the mansions built by the Spanish and Creole high bourgeoisies during the 17th and 18th centuries. Then we head towards the coast, arriving at the great Chimú center of Chan Chan, the largest mud city that has ever been built. In fact, it was a pact of the elites, a series of nine enormous palaces belonging to the rulers of the Chimu kingdom. In its heyday, the population of this center may have reached 50,000 people. Many of them artists and craftsmen, who made sumptuous works in goldsmithing, textiles and ceramics, for which the Chimú were famous. In the Tschudi palace we enter a series of labyrinth of courtyards lined with clay friezes of fish and oceanic birds. We will visit inner courtyards, residences, administrative buildings, temples, platforms, warehouses, and a huge deposit of “sunken gardens” where specialized crops for the Chimú nobility may have been produced. We continue to the nearby beach of Huanchaco, where we have the opportunity to try the excellent Trujillo seafood at a local restaurant. In the afternoon we will go to the airport to take the flight to Lima.

End of our services.

Included/ not Included


  • Transfers from the airport.
  • Visit to Tucume (Sipan archaeological site) and the museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipan,
  • Visit Chan Chan and the majestic Temple of the Sun and the Moon,
  • Breakfasts (2), Lunch (2).
  • Income to all the archaeological centers.
  • 1 night of accommodation in Chiclayo.
  • 1 night of accommodation in Trujillo.
  • Peruvian paso horses show.


  • Transportation from Lima to Chiclayo or Trujillo to Lima.
  • Visit to El Brujo archaeological center (optional: US $ 39.00 per person)
  • Feeding not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Personal expenses and tips.



  • The rate shown in the upper part is 2 people minimum.
  • If you want to include transportation from Lima to Lima, write us to ask about this option.
  • Chan Chan Site Museum and the Royal Tombs Museum of Sipán are closed on Mondays for maintenance.



  • A small backpack for daily departures.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Wear comfortable clothes for walking (inside the archaeological sites).
  • Camera.
  • Hat or cap
  • Warm clothes for the nights.

Price in private


PRIVATE TOUR # Of people Price
1 US$    670
2 US$    447
3 a 5 US$    387
6 a 10 US$    357
11 a 15 US$    339

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