Jungla Fishing & Adventure-Lake Sandoval (04 Days – 03 Nights)

Lake Sandoval is hailed as the most beautiful lake in the Peruvian Amazon, and certainly boasts its reputation. Despite being close to Puerto Maldonado, it is within the Tambopata National Reserve and adjacent to the Bahuaja Sonene Park. It offers an excellent experience of the Amazon and wildlife. If you travel to Puerto Maldonado you must visit it since the Lake is one of the main tourist attractions.


Dia 01: Bosque Tropical – Reserva Tambopata – Isla De Los Monos

Arrival to Puerto Maldonado (Biodiversity Capital of Peru). Reception at the airport or bus station and transfer to the office of Monte Amazonico Lodge for relevant information about the tour. Transfer to the port where we will get the boat for an hour to our lodge. Welcome meeting with a refreshing fruit juice of our region. Installation in our respective rooms. After a short rest you will have an introduction hike for two hours in the dense tropical forest, guided by an expert local guide who will take you through our trails to see a variety of trees that can have more than five hundred years, at same time you may observe some species of wild animals such as toucans, orioles, parrots, monkeys, snakes, butterflies, etc. You will have the opportunity to experience the magic of our Amazon Rainforest within the Tambopata National Reserve (278,000 thousand hectares protected under Peruvian laws). After lunch, we will visit the “Monkey Island”, located in front of our lodge across the Madre de Dios River, at this place there are different species of monkeys such as brown capuchin, squirrel monkey, saddle back tamarin, and white capuchin, all of them in the island after the activity we will return to the lodge. In the night we go for caiman search they are generally on the banks of Madre de Dios River this time will need to bring a flashlight.  With luck we may see the capybara the world’s largest rodent that can weigh 60 kilos impressive family of the Peruvian cuy; back to the lodge, dinner and night at the lodge.

Day 02:  Lake Sandoval

After early breakfast will do a short boat ride to the entrance of the lake Sandoval, after checking at the check point we will walk 3 kilometers (2 miles approx.) to the Lake Sandoval (piranha habitat) one of the largest in the Tambopata National Reserve, after the nice walk the guide will get a  rowing boat where we will have our navigation on the lake to  appreciate many different birds and monkeys Species (Hoatzin cormorant Jacanas, puma heron, eagles, howler monkey, squirrel monkey, black capuchin, tamarins and sloths). Maybe we will meet with the family of giant river otters (almost two meters long) they are in danger of extinction and the largest alligator recorded over 4 meters long, return to the lodge to enjoy a typical lunch. In the evening we will do a night walk where we can appreciate the diversity of insect, amphibians, reptiles and other nocturnal animals. – Dinner and rest

Day 03:  Canopy – Zip-Line

Morning in the jungle. The canopy Walk-Way, will let us see the rainforest from a different perspective, at about 30 meters high, the bridges will allow us to appreciate nature from a high altitude, we will have a panoramic view of the Rio Madre de Dios. From platforms you can observe different species of birds such as toucans, macaws, tanagers, orioles and much more, this will be a wonderful experience. After breakfast we prepare for an activity full of adrenaline on the trees at more than 30 meters high.  We will do the zip-line, for this activity will have an instructor guide, who will give as a talk about how to use the safety harness during the Zip-line activity, feeling the rush of gliding through the trees, the experience will be forever with you, there is two cables than support more than 3 tones, back to the Lodge.- Lunch and rest.

In the afternoon the challenge is to cross the Madre de Dios River kayaking, on the way we can appreciate the fascinating sunset. Then we can make an artisanal fishing in the Madre de Dios River, with a little patience we will see some fish species such as catfish.

Day 04:  Transfer

Breakfast and return to the city, transfer to the airport and / or bus station.

Included / Not Included


  • Hosting Service
  • Guidance
  • Transportation
  • Airport – Lodge – Airport
  • Food (lunch, dinner, breakfast)

Not Included:

  • Cold drinks and alcoholic beverages
  • Entrance to the Tambopata National Reserve US $ 24.00.


  • The hostel has a limited power plant there is electricity from 5 am to 10 pm; during that period, you can recharge your camera, cell phone and make use of the fans.
  • It recommended that in advance inform about any special request, if they have any food restriction, allergies, etc.
  • We recommend bringing mosquito repellent, flashlight, binoculars, personal items, sunscreen, hiking shoes, long shirts and pants.
  • The price shown at the top of the itinerary is in shared service or Pull (Group of 8 to 14 people). Prices in private service according to the number of passengers, check rates at reservas@peruplanetexp.com


You Need To Carry:

  • Sunblock
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Flashlight
  • Extra clothes
  • Hat

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